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AmerAir International Partners

AmerAir Intl has partnership agreements with its major suppliers to assure its customer the highest quality of products and the best available technologies.

Our vessels, pumps, fans and instrumentation and controls are always supplied by our partner companies to ensure the highest quality of peripheral products are utilized in each and every one of our systems. Please visit our site for a list of our partner companies. We have exclusive agreements with our partners and locally stock the required spare parts for our partners equipment to better serve our customers in the region. We hold in stock spare equipment and parts for pumps, fans and instrumentation that are utilized in our systems.

Mietzsch GmbH

Manufacturer of plastic/GFRP fans


Manufacturer of GRP, PE, & POLYMER vessels

Leopold Siegrist GmbH

Supplier of measuring instruments.

Munsch GmbH

Manufacturer of innovative and reliable non-metallic pumps.

Jacobi Carbons

Manufacturer of activated carbon and adsorption technology.

AT Covers

Supplier of Aluminum covers for tanks, chambers and channels