Egaila Pumping Station

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Project Egaila Pumping Station

Odor Control System

Location Kuwait-Kuwait
Client Ministry of Public Work
Contractor Kharafi National
Consultant PARSONS
Capacity 300,000 m3/hr
Design 4 Vertical Chemical Scrubbers

8 Vertical Carbon Scrubbers

Performance 50~250 ppm H2S Inlet

99.5% Removal Efficiency

Year Installation/Commissioning:2009/2010

AmerAir International, AAI, is a leading supplier of Odor Control Systems in the Gulf Area for more than 10 years. Egaila Pumping Station Odor Control System is being presented as samples of our supplied systems. AAI scope of work included the initial conceptual design, detailed engineering and design, equipment supply, installation supervision, commissioning, testing, training and follows up support to the completion of defect liability period and final hand over of the projects.  This is the largest odor control system in the region.



AmerAir International was approached by the main contractor (Kharafi National) and Kuwait Ministry of Public Works to evaluate the existing specification and recommend the most reliable odor control systems that would be installed 40 meters below ground level in a limited space. The objective was to achieve an odor free environment inside the pumping station as well as in the up-scale neighborhood. Egaila PS is a main pumping station in Kuwait with a total capacity of 200,000 m3/day of sewage pumping capacity.

The original specification comprised of two separate trains of odor control system each train working as either on-line or as a stand-by with a capacity of 100,000 m3/hr. Furthermore, the specified ventilation rates did not include the operators working area in the lowest level of the PS where the inlet chambers and the screens were located about 80 meters below ground level. The lack of room ventilation posed a risk to operator’s safety and discharge of potentially undesired odor releases from the pumping station to the neighborhood.