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Air Pollution Control Systems

AmerAir International is an independent* and major supplier of Air Pollution Control Systems that includes a full range of products: Our Biological Trickling Filters or Scrubbers, Wet Chemical Scrubbers, Regenerative Carbon Adsorption Filters, Emergency Chlorine Scrubbers, Eductor and Venturi type Scrubbers, Gas and Liquid Thermal Oxidizer are serving many stringent application in various industries.

Our Odor Control Systems and Emergency Chlorine Scrubbers are helping our customers to meet the most stringent international standards for 100% compliance.

We serve various industries such as waste water treatment, waste processing, pulp and paper, steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, petrochemical, foundries, chrome plating, mining and other industries.

Chemical Scrubbing

Chemical scrubbers are the most widely used technology for cleaning a noxious compound from a  gas stream or air. Through an intimate contact of any gas with a liquid that has a certain solubility of the gas as well as is being reactive with the absorbed gas a chemical scrubber achieves removal efficiencies of various gas. Removal efficiencies as high as 99.99% are common. The transfer of the gas into the liquid phase is accomplished on the surfaces and the liquid holding points of a special packing media for optimal performance. The Packing used in AAI chemical scrubber is  “K-Rosette” with a high mass transfer efficiency and a  low pressure drop charactrisitcs. AAI is also using a Patented Packing in some special designs.

Bio Scrubbing and Trickling

The degradation of a gas after adsorption or absorption of the gas into a wet media is accomplished by various bacteria that use the polluting gas as a food while catalyzing the gas into a more stable compound. For example, Hydrogen Sulfide is converted into Sulfuric acid by certain Bacillus bacteria. The transfer of the gas into the liquid phase is accomplished on the surfaces and the liquid holding points of a special packing media for optimal performance.  AAI is using a proprietary packing “OpeNet” in its bio scrubbers that yields very high degradation efficiency at low pressure drops. AAI staff has pioneered the application of bio scrubber/ bio trickling filters in the Middle East!

Carbon Adsorption

The transfer of the polluting gas to the surface of a solid media is accomplished by carbon adsorption. In carbon adsorption system supplied by AAI, Virgin coal based activated, chemically impregnated as well as catalytically activated water washable carbon types are offered. Regeneration of the carbon is accomplished by either an appropriate chemical or water. Normally, the regeneration of carbon is carried out in situ (in the reaction mixture).

Thermal Oxidation

Thermal oxidizers are typically used to destroy hazardous air pollutants like  VOCs from industrial air streams. Organic and inorganic gases decompose into basic combustion product compounds at various temperatures in the Thermal oxidizer.   The decomposition temperature depends on the gas and is determined accordingly. Optimal mixing of the treated gas and the required residence time are crucial in the performance. AAI team is utilizing the  best time proven know-how for accomplishing this task.