Emergency Chlorine Scrubber System

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Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Services

AmerAir Intl ECSS has a time-tested proven design removing Chlorine emissions in excess of 99.999% for release rates as high as 40 Kg/Min. The outlet concentration of Chlorine gas reaches 1 ppmv and is guaranteed to fully meet the requirement of UFC or less than 5 ppmv.

In case of a Chlorine leakage to the room, the ECSS starts operating automatically. A Chlorine sensor detects the unacceptable levels of the gas which starts the recirculation pump that sprays a high concentration of caustic over the packing media in the scrubber system.The operation may also be initiated manually by the operators. Next, a corrosion resistance fan starts pulling the air laden Chlorine into the ECSS.

As a result of the intimate contact between the caustic solution and the Chlorine gas, Chlorine is absorbed into the solution and neutralized. Our packing media facilitates the highest removal efficiency of the undesirable gas while causing the lowest pressure drop in the system. The system is equipped with all required components for a trouble free and dependable operation obtaining the highest levels of performance required by the government and environmental agencies while providing an economically feasible solution to the end users.

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