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AAI’s Odor Control Systems

AmerAir International is a leader in supplying complete odor control systems in the Middle East providing proven chemical scrubbing, biological filtration and carbon adsorption technologies to our customers.

We represent major top suppliers for the pumps, fans and other peripheral equipments utilized in our system designs.

Chemical Scrubbing Odor Control Systems

In a typical carbon adsorption odor control system, the odorous air from various sources such as a sewage wet well or screen area, is ventilated to the odor control unit by a fan.

First the extracted air  is passed through a prefilter to remove the mist, then pushed to a carbon filter for main treatment. Polluted air is passed through a carbon bed to remove the odorous pollutants. Clean air is discharged through a stack installed on top of the carbon filter.

The removal efficency in this system is up to 99.9%.

AAI’s Carbon Adsorption Technique

Odorous compounds  such as H2S, Mercaptans, and other VOC’s  are adsorbed into the carbon surface. Virgin, activated, catalytic, chemically impregnated or water washable carbon are used depending on the application or customer specification.

Appropriate gas retention time is selected based on the size and type of the carbon as well as the application. The treated volume and efficiency as well as life of the carbon are all important factors considered in the design. The quality of the carbon selected is also very crucial.


Each type of carbon has its advantages and disadvantages and the optimum selection is based on customer specification and requirements. For example, the carefully controlled addition of the chemical reagent ensures the efficient removal and retention of the pollutants while retaining an excellent physical adsorption capacity. While, the catalytic water washable carbon removes the H2S and catalyzes it to water soluble sulfur compounds that could be washed away when the carbon is washed with water only!

However, the regeneration is only possible for H2S and other gases will not be washed away from the carbon and therefore limit the carbon adsorption capacity during each regeneration. AAI only utilizes the highest quality carbons as manufactured by Jacobi Carbon.

Jacobi Carbon

AddSorb® VA3 is a high activity extruded activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from select grades of coal. AddSorb® VA3 is chemically impregnated specifically for use in the control of hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptans and organic odors in the vapor phase.

AddSorb® Sulfox is a vapor phase virgin pelletized activated carbon that has been specially developed for the adsorption of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptans. It is extremely well suited for use in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations where these compounds are typically found. The base material for Sulfox is bituminous coal. Sulfox is produced in a specialized process that creates an exceptionally high hydrogen sulfide capacity.

This capacity is created without the use of chemical impregnate. Sulfox is ideally suited for the removal of Hydrogen Sulphide from gas streams containing an equivalent level of oxygen and water vapor.

Excess water vapor will result in the condensation of water in the pore structure of the activated carbon thereby reducing the activated carbon’s Hydrogen Sulfide capacity.

Carbon Life

The water washable saturated carbon can be regenerated in-situ by water. This carbon can be regenerated up to 10 times based on the use.

Carbon life is a function of the type and concentration of contaminants in the air stream. The AAI carbon has capacity of 0.15-  0.3 grams H2S per cc of carbon.