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AmerAir International is a leader in supplying complete odor control systems in the Middle East providing proven chemical scrubbing, biological filtration and carbon adsorption technologies to our customers.

We represent major top suppliers for the pumps, fans and other peripheral equipments utilized in our system designs.

Two basic types of venturi scrubbers are available. The “non-wetted approach” type and the “wetted approach” type. The non-wetted type utilizes an inlet section in which the gas is accelerated, without contacting any of the scrubbing liquid, prior to passing through the throat section of the venturi. In the throat section, the gas first contacts the scrubbing liquid and is saturated simultaneously with passing through the throat. Low gas temperature with high humidity are suitable for this type while providing a low cost air cleaning system.

In the wetted approach type venturi scrubber, the gas is introduced in a radial fashion into the venturi, and the scrubbing liquid is wetting the inlet section of the venturi. The gas is commonly saturated in the inlet section rather than in the venture throat section. The only surfaces which the gas can contact are already wetted with a liquid film, so that solids deposition does not occur. High gas temperature with low humidity and sticky particulate matter is also handled well.

AAI supplies both fixed throat and variable throat types of venturis. Variable throat type are used when the process gas volume changes  so the throat cross section has to vari to maintain a constant pressure drop in order to maintain a consistent performance even in turn-down conditions.

Material of construction from FRP to exotic metals such Hastelloy, InconeI, the 300 Series stainless steels and Monel 400 can be supplied.

Venturi Scrubbing Air Pollution Control System

Venturi scrubbers are used to collect large to fine particulates from industrial emission sources that are corrosive, flammable, or hazardous and contain difficult-to-handle solids. The particulate collection efficiency of a venture scrubber is comparable to that of an electrostatic precipitator or a fabric filter baghouse.

Because of the venturi’s ability to process corrosive gas streams without requiring an excessive capital investment, and because of the venturi’s ability to process gas streams containing flammable gases or highly volatile or inflammable particulate matter, venturis are frequently selected for hazardous emission control applications, in preference to precipitators or baghouses.

Venturi scrubbers are more compact than precipitators or baghouses with a lower capital and lower installation costs. Power input requirements are mostly higher for venturis than for baghouses or precipitators. However, the overall maintenance cost are higher for precipitators and baghouses. Gas absorption is also done along with particulate removal.