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Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH is a highly specialized manufacturer of non-metallic pumps. Customers around the globe bank on our pumps whenever it comes to ensuring maximum operating reliability in abrasive and aggressive service conditions. Munsch manufactures all plastic components in-house using granulate or semis as starting materials. This makes Munsch independent of external manufacture so that we can respond fast and flexibly to our customers‘ needs. Bought-in cast iron or silicon carbide components are standardized and kept on stock in large quantit ies. In a single operation, the blanks are further processed to the finished product on our state-of-the-art five-axis milling machines. The manufacturing process of each individual component is documented in an electronic database so that the original component can be exactly reproduced even after years.

Munsch engineers develop pumps for your specific needs. Application engineers from industry and university researchers support the development process through to production maturity of the pump. Rising energy prices are posing a new challenge to our development teams: developing high-efficiency pumps is one of their answers. A numerically optimized hydraulic design is their contribution to energy economy. Another challenge for our engineers is to provide you with pumps that not only cover the standard performance characteristic ranges but offer at the same time ample pump head reserves.

In tackling this task, they always keep in mind the FlowStar® concept: operating reliability, robustness, ease of assembly, maximum hydraulic performance and low lifecycle cost.