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AAI’s Air Pollution Control System

Amerair International is a leader in supplying complete air pollution control systems in the Middle East providing proven chemical scrubbing, venturi scrubbing, biological filtration and carbon adsorption technologies to our customers. We represent major top suppliers for the pumps, fans and other peripheral equipments utilized in our system designs.

Packed Bed Degasifying System

Treatment could be conducted in 2 different stages, therefore  the removal efficiency in a typical degasifier may reach up to 99.9% or even higher if needed! In first stage, the degasifier could be installed as single or two column in series. For further treatment in next stage, the chemical agents are added inside the sump.

Degasifiers are used to strip the gaseous pollutants (H2S, NH3, VOCs,..) from liquids such as borewell water, effluent water, etc. In a typical packed bed degasifying system, the polluted water is distributed on top of packing inside the vessel. The fresh air  is pushed into degasifier to strip the pollutant.

The treated water could be conducted to the process directly or be collected in sump at bottom of degasifier.

AAI´s Packing Material "K-Rosette“

A filamentous packing such as K-Rosette absorb the gas by the mechanism of inertial impaction. This packing offers a series of ribbons with small width to keep deviation of the air stream and the resultant energy consumption to a minimum. The cross section of the K-Rosette filament is square giving it sharp edges and higher target efficiency than spherical or cylindrical shapes of the same width.