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Aluminum Covers

AmerAir International in joint with AT Covers, is designing, supplying and installing Aluminum Covers in Wastewater Treatment Facilities such as Pump Stations, Wet Well, Screens, Grit Removal, Equalization Tank, Aeration Tank, Sedimentation Tank, Aerobic Digester, DAF, API, Sludge Thickener, Sludge Holding Tank and Oxidation Tank;

– Cylindrical tanks up to 30m diameter and cubical tanks up to 30m width and 100m length.

– Fixed or Moving Bridge

– Manholes

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Cover Composition

Lightweight: Compared to stainless steel and fiberglass (GRP) the weight of the covers are lighter but superior in expected lifetime and quality.

Corrosion resistance: Aluminum is inherently more corrosion resistant versus other materials. It will last the lifetime of the structure and would not need to be painted or repainted for atmospheric protection.

UV Resistance: Aluminum is not affected by UV radiation, whereas fiberglass typically have a 10 year life span even with periodic re-coatings.

Non combustible: Aluminum is non combustible and therefore there are no fire risks. For this reason it is always used in the refineries, oil & gas, and it is becoming a standard material also in waste water treatment plants.